You won't believe in your eyes when these new generation Goddesses wear "no make-up"

Thanhng, 13-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Kpop fans will be amazed after seeing their biases' bare faces.


We all know that makeup is not the determining factor for a girl's beauty. Because of their work, Kpop idols often appear with their strong makeup faces to look perfect in front of the public. However, when they show off their faces without makeup, they still surprise their fans. 

Jisoo (Black Pink) always wows everyone with her beautiful appearance at many events. And when she doesn't wear makeup, she still makes fans more surprised with her natural beauty. 

Nayeon (TWICE) has a pretty bare face like a baby girl with a beautiful smile that can make many girls in the world jealous of. 

 On stage, Moonbyul wears strong makeup like a lady, but when she wears no makeup, she looks like a young girl. 

In MAMAMOO, Solar also has different looks with or without makeup. She still attracts people's eyes with her bare face. 

Just look at this photo, Momo is always beautiful with or without makeup. 

Yerin (G-friend) often melts fans' hearts because of her lovely appearance even when she wears no makeup. 

 Hani (EXID) always is on the list of top beautiful female idols who have pretty bare face. She has perfect skin without any flaws on her face. 

As the new generation goddess, Irene's beauty is not a joke. Even without makeup, she still looks perfect. 

Wendy (Red Velvet) looks younger when she wears no makeup. 


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