You will surely wonder to yourself whether these idols are vampires, especially about their eyes!

LinhLuong, 12-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - You will be surprised that these idols only need to wear bright lenses, making their appearance change immediately!

To help idols own seductive eyes on the stage, contact lenses are surely a powerful tool. But idols usually will only use no color contact lenses or the most natural colors possible, but few of them use bright lenses. And these are the best stars that bring out the mysterious vibe like vampires whenever they wear lenses.


No one can deny that V is suitable for the bright contact lenses. If he doesn't wear lenses, he will look like a pure angel. And if he wears lenses, he would look really different.

If Vampire is so handsome like this, I am also vowed to be 'bite'.

Netizen praise V's beauty when wearing lenses "He looks like a fairy prince."

Where to find such a perfect man for ourselves?


HyunA is always the charming goddess of Kpop, she owns white skin, bright red lips, making fans fall hard for her.

HyunA wears so beautiful lenses that every kind she uses are all sold out.

 HyunA's glamorous eyes with bright lenses show off her great beauty.

Despite wearing bright lenses, HyunA looks like still cute as usual

Hani (EXID)

When Hani wears two different colored lenses, she breaks every old rule in the MV of Hot Pink

With light gray lenses, Hani is just as seductive as a small fox

Despite wearing bright contact lenses,she can still look so naiive like this!

Or even as gorgeous as a doll

BaekHyun (EXO)

Baek Hyun who is the real 'owner' of the bright contact lenses

He always looks so cool when he uses contact lenses.

Bright lenses and red eye makeup create so unique vampire style.

Baek Hyun wears super nice lenses, can suit all colors from dark to light, but bright lenses are still his favorite

Wendy (Red Velvet)

Actually, all the members wearing bright lenses are beautiful, but the most prominent is Wendy

Fans also have to admit that when Wendy wore bright lenses and dyed blonde hair, she looked extremely attractive

Bright lenses trend also make young people crazy

The audience was also fascinated by her voice and eyes

Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One)

"Wink Boy" Park Ji Hoon makes thousands of people fall in love, he looks like stepping out from the comic

Wearing bright lenses on the stage, he still looks like a small cat

 Non-fans also admitted that when Park Ji Hoon wears bright lenses, he looks too beautiful. Despite being not as cold or seductive as other idols, he is still very attractive.

This is the first moment when fans are bewitched with his eyes.



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