You will never be able to get in among GOT7's sweet bromances, see how lovely they treat each other!

SGshinbu, 11-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - No matter what happens, GOT7 still stick to each other as present

GOT7 - Boy group come from JYP Entertaiment makes fans jealous of intimacy and always stuck together that fans also can’t jump into the middle of their friendship. At any moments appear in front of camera, the guys also express their affection make fans “ship” enthusiastically for couples. Specially, GOT7 has three members from overseas and no one has long been trainee together. But they always love each other as close siblings, including the couple Tom and Jerry of Got7 - Yugyeom and Jin Young are strangely close, even with the moments they tease each other.

Even when it's very cold, YoungJae also share his warmth to Bam Bam, can't let his friend be cold!

Whenever they have free time, they would go out with each other.

It's great when we have the same ideas.

Bambam: Why do you always diss me then? / Junior: I diss you because I Iike you - This is also an expression of love in GOT7 that only Jin Young can do.

Mark's passionate kiss

Just fans feel sad because can't "divide these boys!

If you are a big fan of MarkSon, you can't ignore it!

YoungJae must also be really surprised with this unexpected kiss

It's hard to tell them to stop!

When the relationship becomes too intimate , nothing is impossible

Despite usually "dissing" other members , Jinyoung often expressed his affection in special way

Jin Young also has the soft moments in front of younger brothers like this

Hugged as friends after a long time no see . This friendship is more precious than love

He even teased members by touching them which makes the "evil maknae" also startled

And these sweet moments, even fans also couldn't interrupt the feelings between GOT7 and just want to protect them.

They are the happiest when being together.

And any successes can come up with great teamwork.

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