You will find yourself through 9 hilarious moments in “Wok Of Love”!

Hoang Anh Phuong, 29-05-2018
“Wok Of Love” is the new SBS drama starring Jung Ryeo Won, Jang Hyuk, and 2PM’s Junho and takes place in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant.

When the drama first came out, the previews set viewers up for a light-hearted romantic comedy vibe, and it’s definitely been a pleasant watch so far. The outrageous antics of all the characters are pretty hilarious to watch and even relatable at times. Here’s a look at some of those moments in the drama that are hilariously relatable.

1. When you realize the world is a scary place to live in and you want to hide from it all

Where do I get one of those masks?

2. When your bias is getting married and your thoughts be like…

Just kidding. I just want my biases to be happy. 

3. When people don’t understand your connection with animals

4. When you be stalking your crush like…

5. When you’re the only one in a group of people stuffing your face and couldn’t be bothered with how you look

Food is my best friend, so whatevs.

6. When you’re having the worst day ever and find someone who is also having a bad day

Misery loves company.

7. When food trumps all your life’s problems

Are you still talking? I can’t stop thinking about food.

8. Bringing your A-game when it comes to flirting

Do I look sexy?

9. Finding that special friend who is just so in sync with you

Source: Soompi


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