Yang Hyun Suk answers fans' burning questions regarding Black Pink's comeback time frame

Hoang Anh Phuong, 17-05-2018
Yang Hyun Suk answered fans' burning questions about Black Pink's comeback via SNS!

On May 17 KST, Papa YG took to Instagram to tease fans with more information regarding Black Pink's comeback. By sharing his answers on a screen-capture, he answered the following:

Q: Please release an album... not just digital singles... they have been active for so many years yet there's no album.

YG: You are right, a hundred times. It won't be like that this time around.

Q: Let's confirm the date first, before thinking things in advance!

YG: Yes... it has been confirmed for mid-June.

Q: Stop it with the preparations...For how many years has it been like this.

YG: I apologize... as much as you waited for us, we we able to come up with many good songs. We will make it up to you.

Check out the newest Instagram Q&A below! Are you psyched that Black Pink might actually release an album this time?

Source: All Kpop 

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