Wrapping up our 2017 with these awesome Kpop songs

Thanhng, 05-01-2018
 (KPOPLINE) – Here are Kpop songs that gained many attentions from most audience in 2017.

It is undeniable that in 2017, the Korean music industry has received a lot of excellent products, but only few of them were loved by large numbers of Kpop fans. Recently in a post on Pann, netizens have picked out the most prominent songs in 2017.

Accordingly, "Gashina" (Sunmi) and "Nayana" (Produce 101) were voted as the top two songs of the year. Many of netizens also mentioned another two best songs, which were "Really Really" (Winner) and "Red Flavor"(Red Velvet).

If "Really Really" impressed Kpop fans with its addictive melody, "Gashina" became Sunmi’s huge hit due to its melody and choreography. Red Velvet’s summer hit "Red Flavor" has been enjoying a long run on music charts. "Nayana" got much attention from Kpop fans thanks to Produce 101 season 2 show and appeared in many commercials with Wanna One.

In addition to these hits, “As If It's Your Last” (Black Pink), “Knock Knock” (TWICE), “Missing You” (BTOB), “Like It” (Yoon Jongshin) were also mentioned in the post.

As If It's Your Last - Black Pink 

Knock Knock - Twice 

Missing You - BtoB 

Like It - Yoon Jong Shin

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