Wonder if beautiful V-line of your biases will stay remained even in different angles? Let's take a look on this small challenge!

SGshinbu, 27-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Lots of people are scared of shooting from the bottom because that is not a perfect angle. However, these idols prove that there's no bad angles for their perfect V-line face at all!

One of the most prominent trends in 2017 is the "importance of angle" and K-pop idols are no exception. From a beautiful girl or boy, they can turn into a completely different person with "full" face when taking photos with bottom -up angles.

1. Beautiful regardless of all angles

These Kpop idols do not have 'dead angles', they are always beautiful. 


Irene is also one of the new beautiful monument regardless of all angles.

Dead angles are unavailable for V because his face is so small and perfect

Even when he looks up, we can still see how sharp his jawline is!

L (INFINITE) also passes the V-line chin challenge easily.

D.O. is also a handsome guy of EXO with the V-line face.

The legendary gif of Tae Yong ((NCT) makes fangirls charmed.

Hwang Min Hyun (Wanna One) also has a beautiful face, so this challenge can not make difficult for him.

Yoona is very beautiful.

 Ji Soo (Black Pink) 

Although HyunA has some folds on her neck, she is still beautiful and attractive.

In the real life, HyunA is also beautiful.

Is JungKook handsome?

2. Funny failures with the "dead angle"

Besides many beautiful idols have easily passed the challenge, some others idols still 'fail' with this angle in a very funny way.

IU is famous for her gummy smiles. At this angle, she exposed two folds on the chin.

She always turns her face upward and and open her mouth to laugh.

How long does it take for you to realize that this is Sung Jae (BTOB) - who plays the third generation 'chaebol' in "Goblins?

Do you know this is Whee In - the sexy idol of Mamamoo?

I will not tell you that this is Chang Sub (BTOB).

The rapper Zico- Block B is so funny with the fat chin.

The advice for SooYoung is not to take pictures from the bottom up angle.

Lee Hong Ki with the pout has revealed his fat face.

Eunkwang (BTOB) 

Changsub (BTOB) deserves another appearance on this list for his hilarious face!

This image of Hani is so familiar to fans. She can not control her face when laughing.

Anyway, she still looks so bright when she laughs.


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