With these live performances, these bands deserve to be top groups in Korean entertainment industry!

Mai Nhung, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) – These groups can even make non-fans acknowledge their vocal ability when watching these videos!


Talking about the ability to singing live in K-POP, that is sure! we can not ignore this 2nd generation idol group, even when they had five members or only two members as present. DBSK is the perfect combination between the various vocals, internal strengths and excellent vocal skills

 “Mirotic” requires many tones and continuous dance moves…

but the Mr. Removed footagestill make the audience respect as similar to the original


Since their debut to now, SHINee has always been recognized as one of the most talented and self – efforts bands. Group’s choreography were a big challenge for anyone, in addition, all the members were able to sing live admirably.

...let’s listen to the excellent live performance of "Sherlock" by Shinee’s members!


The last name on top of the best live performance that netizen recognize is INFINITE. INFINITE's names and success at the present thanks to uniformity in the extremely hard dance moves and the excellent vocal of all vocal lines and rapper line.

After watching this video, many people were curious about how Infinite members control their breath and voice so well

... because MR Removed version is not different from the original!


A boyband of four members , including two rappers and two vocalists, WINNER is still able to fill their stage as perfectly as the other group members. WINNER is a typical example of the “a small group but high quality“ case, and always makes the audience surprised for their performance.

WINNER ‘s stage always perform in the simple, light but extremely relaxing and fun style

Many people think that MR Removed is unnecessary for WINNER, because even if you keep the background music, you can hear clearly the members ‘s vocals when singing live.


Recognized as one of the boygroup that has fast and skillful choreography, BTS is increasingly admired by the public for their rapid improvement progress, especially for their live performance. Singing live on stages has become the biggest meaning of their career as a singer.

 “Not Today” choreography consisted of a lot of high jumps and rapid moving to create a monumental stage ...

...But BTS’s vocal is still good and makes a strong impression in audience’s heart  


Thanks to 4 girls‘s new style, charismatic voice and excellent live singing skills helped Mamamoo bring countless memorable performances in the audience’s hearts , making their name quickly became popular and received many affections.

Let ‘s check between the broadcasters’s video…

..and MR Removed video to recognize 4 girls’s ability for their singing live!


GFriend‘s live performance help them receive a lot of praises even from non-fans. In the current girlgroups, GFriend is a rare group that focuses on strong choreography and stable vocals while performing.

GFriend ‘s stage always make the audience satisfied...


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