Who said that tall people can’t dance, look at Mingyu (Seventeen)!

KawaiiB, 06-04-2018
His height only makes his dance moves more attractive and appealing.

There is a prejudice that men whom are too high can not dance well. This is stem from the fact that many tall dancers struggle while dancing because their body proportion is bigger than an average person. 

Still, there are those who break that stereotype and show that height is actually their advantage. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) perfectly exemplifies this situation.

With a height of 186cm, Mingyu is the highest member in SEVENTEEN. The male idol once said he wants to stop growing taller because he felt lost in the crowd.

It is known that height was a disadvantage for Mingyu's debut. He was not a good dancer when he was a trainee.

He has worked so hard to improve his choreography and show that his height couldn’t affect his sexy dance moves.

Good body control, Mingyu burns every look with his smooth movements.

Not shy anymore, he is comfortable when knowing how to take advantage of his height.

A visual standard face with a tall body like this, how many hearts have Mingyu melt?

And now please enjoy Mingyu’s performance on stage to see his charisma by yourself.

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