Which important positions do your favourite 'maknaes' hold in their groups?

LinhLuong, 15-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Not only singing, rapping or becoming the face of the group, the maknae also has a very important position. Who are your youngest 'captains'?

Lai Guanlin (Wanna One) - In charge of raising 'heights' for the group

Owning a height of 1.83m, Lai Guanlin not only holds the position of rapper, but also holds the responsibility of balancing the height of the group.

Despite being the youngest, Guanlin is even taller than his hyungs.

 It is difficult to say who is older in this photo

Kang Seung Yoon (Winner) - In charge of being leader and ... paying meals for the members

He is the maknae, but he plays the role as the leader. 

And even he always pays whenever they go out to eat

It is a great responsibility, everyone needs a member like that right? That's why Seung Yoon is the leader

Jungkook (BTS) - The muscular rabbit of the group

The maknae is pampered in the BTS with his innocent face

Even so, he seems not to 'give any mercy' to his hyungs and keeps hitting them whenever he wants!

This is not a strange scene with A.R.M.Ys and even with BTS. Jungkook truly has a weird habit of showing love for his hyungs.

BAMBAM (GOT7) - In charge of 'bullying' his hyungs

Bambam is called Evil maknae of GOT7

He always teases his hyungs, even with diss-rap songs

He makes himself look ridiculous

Kyuhyun (Super Junior) - In charge of 'exposing' secret stories of his hyungs

He always takes chances to reveal members' stories in public on TV

That's why he is called the Devil Maknae of Super Junior

Lee Chan (Seventeen) - In charge of ... disposing rubbish!

LeeChan is perhaps the nicest and most honest member among these maknaes

He is said to always be the one to throw out the rubbish

Surely he is also the one to clean the dorm. 


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