Which idols selected by Insight professionals for providing the best fan service?

Hoang Anh Phuong, 13-02-2018
Broadcasted on February 13 KST, tvN's 'The List 2018' featured professionals naming top stars who provided the best fan service.

Singer IU ranked 1st place for her deep appreciation towards her fanbase.  Previously, IU pleaded fans to not send her expensive gifts, as a result, many followers are expressing their love and support in various ways.

In December of last year, IU took the time to buy 500 burgers for fans who came to meet her, gaining much attention.  She is also known for providing public transportation cards, t-shirts and other goodies in light of her anniversary.

Actor Kang Ha Neul came in 2nd place.  Known for his generous heart, the actor can be seen greeting warmly to fans.  Prior to his military enlistment, Kang Ha Neul served meals at his father's restaurant; demonstrating his love towards fans.

Actor Lee Jae Hoon was listed in 3rd place.  Fans have been supporting Lee Jae Hoon by sending food carts and snack trucks to his filming site.  In response, the actor took the time to take selcas with fans and also handed out roses to spectators in light of Rose Day.  Lee Jae Hoon also gave out free hugs with the film 'I Can Speak' reaching 3 million viewers at the box office on launching day.

In 4th place was A Pink's Eunji, who built up a solid acting career since 'Reply 1997'.  Attracting many for her down-to-earth personality, Eunji dedicated handwritten letters and gifts to her dear fans' parents as well.

Big Bang's Seungri came in at 5th place.  Not only did Seungri learn 3 different languages in order to greet his international fanbase, but also thanked fans for their utmost support.  In return, VIPs put up a special birthday message displayed inside coffee shop stores nationwide. 

At 6th place was Lee Hyori who took the spotlight after holding a special signing event for fans during her comeback with 'Black'.  Fans had the opportunity to leave their own signatures on Lee Hyori's body as she went on stage to perform her comeback track, showing off fan's writings.

Source: All Kpop


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