Whenever standing in front of ''their crush'', these idols are only little boys!

LinhLuong, 17-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - The reaction of these idols make fans burst out laughing!

Do you think idols who have become celebrities can be "immuned" with their crushes? Idols are also like fans, when standing in front of their idols, they won't be able to do anything like this!

Bambam (GOT7) & Big Bang

As GOT7's fans know, Bambam has a crush on Big Bang group. After many years, Bambam finally got the chance to stand in the same elevator and even interviewed Big Bang. He expressed to G-Dragon: "Thanks to you that I had achieved great success today"

Sungyeol (Infinite) & Taeyeon

Sungyeol couldn't even sit up straight and hid his face as he was embarrassed to watch Taeyeon's video message sent to him at ''Law of the Jungle''. It is said that SNSD's leader is always the ideal model of Sungyeol so far, so when suddenly received his wish, Sungyeol blushed with shame and couldn't stop laughing.

Jackson (GOT7) & Gayeon

Jackson was a big fan of MMA Song Gayeon, and even though she wasn't an idol, this didn't affect Jackson's response when meeting his crush. After opening the door and seeing Gayeon, Jackson rushed to the room, closed the door and shouted loudly.

Then when Gayeon came close to say hello, Jackson rushed out and laid down on the kitchen floor to escape shyly.

Zico (Block B) & Ji Changwook

Let's forget the image of cool rapper on the stage, because here isthe  only Zico who was "distracted" when meeting the "handsome boy" Ji Changwook. Even Zico didn't dare to look directly at Changwook's eyes because of his handsome look.

Block B's leader can't  stop laughing when he sees Ji Changwook

Even he can't take his eyes off Ji Changwook

BTOB & Red Velvet

When participating in the special episode of "We Got Married", BTOB had the opportunity to meet Red Velvet girls. When seeing the SM girlgroup from inside the bus, BTOB gave them compliment, but also bent down to hide behind the chair because of embarrassment. Then when both groups are sitting in the same car, BTOB again began to push each other and become shy compared to their regular image.

Chanyeol (EXO) & Dara

At this time when EXO debuted for 2 years, Chanyeol had the opportunity to meet 2NE1's goddess Dara and make everyone burst into laughing because of his humorous reaction. When he suddenly found Dara sitting next to him, Chanyeol didn't dare turn his head to look but could only glance at his crush and smiled happily.

Bae Jinyoung (Bath One) & Jimin (BTS)

Bae Jinyoung is known as the "emotionless" guy of Wanna One because of his cold face and he doesn't usually laugh like other members. But that's only when he hasn't met his crush! Fans were able to capture the moment when Bae Jinyoung was extremely nervous when Jimin went through at a music awards ceremony last year.

Jimin (BTS) & Big Bang

Jimin is known to be a real V.I.P. Because he does not only often mention Big Bang from the early days of debut, but he also went to his idol's concert even after he became famous. Having such an intense fanboy's heart, it seems that Jimin was shocked when Seungri and Daesung sat next to him at the end of the yearly award ceremony.



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(KPOPLINE) - The reaction of these idols make fans burst out laughing!


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