When male stars suddenly became victims of sexual harassment on television

LinhLuong, 13-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - There are many times that male stars have suffered from sexual harassment situations

One of the most puzzling problems of the Korean entertainment industry is sexual harassment. Especially not only female stars, but also male stars become victims. Even on the television, they are the subject of jokes, teasing about adult stories or even suffering from being touched on sensitive parts of the body. 

Zico, rapper of Korea's top idol group Block B, has been a victim of sexual harassment by unscrupulous comments from two well-known comedians.

In a show, Zico's brother reveals the tattoo of his mother on his chest because he wants to show his mother as important as his heart. At that time, female star Kim Sook has voiced a statement 18+: "So there is a tattoo of his mother on his chest. It is true, but if you get married and do it, it would be like your mother staring at your wife.''. Park Na Rae, another star on the show, added: "And we all know for women, the most scary person in the world is the mother-in-law."

Kim Sook made rude comments on Zico's meaningful tattoos, even saying, "If I were you, I would have to cover my chest"

This issue became a hot topic among Korean netizens and most people agreed that the comments were beyond the limits as well as deserving to be called sexual harassment. The fact that female guests are too 'imaginative', commenting on Zico in this case isn't a good thing.

Im Siwan is very gentle and always beloved by his talent, but sadly he can't escape this problem.

Another poor guy who has been a victim of sexually-related jokes is Im Siwan. Because of the confession that  he never had a girlfriend, Im Siwan was deeply meddled in the private life by MC Tak Jae Hoon when asked about his first kiss as well as his first relationship.

"Battle Code" reality show host Tak Jae Hoon once publicly questioned Si Wan on TV.

Singer Sung Shi Kyung also bluntly ask Siwan whether he is still ''virgin''. To these crude questions, the male idol can only laugh off the conversation. On the other hand, comedian Jung Juri posted a photo with Siwan "He's so pretty. I will date him. I will date and kiss him".

The photo with the controversial comments that Jung Juri posted. This unsettled act of those seniors has made many people feel very upset.

Kim Tae Hee's script for "Radio Star" also made fans more indignant when commenting under the photo with a vulgar joke: "Oh, that is Siwan, Juri, Siwan is good at kissing. I guess if you ask for a kiss, he won't refuse, because he is so kind-hearted".

Eric Nam is a national star who is always beloved for polite and courteous attitude. He is frequently sexually harassed by female colleagues.

Another young male star who has been victimized by sexual harassment is Eric Nam. This guyfrom the United States has admitted that until the age of 20, he had his first kiss with a person who he really fell in love with her. Perhaps, because of this lack of experience, Eric Nam encountered a series of questions by some female comedians about the first time he had sex.

Ra Mi Ran's kisses not only caused panic for her co-workers, but also caused many viewers to feel dissatisfied

It is important to note that the show is being filmed as well as there are many followers right down the stage.

This isn't the first time male idols have been attacked by the opposite sex on television. Not just verbal attack, the case of touching even kissing without permission also exists. Comedian Lee Guk Joo has become the center of the public's criticism from "attacking" male stars. This wave of criticism rose so high that Guk Joo must officially apologize for her excessive actions.

Kiss a magician without asking for permission.

 Touching his butt and also make rude remarks about his body

Perhaps, the original intention of the MCs is just to make a laughter for the audience or bring up new information, but sometimes these actions are far beyond the limit and become ridiculous, making both the guests and the viewer feel uncomfortable. This has become an alarming reality of the Korean entertainment show that violates the privacy or body of the artists.

This female comedian also covered Yang Se Hyung's eyes and kissed him, making many people astonished, and couldn't believe in their eyes.

Whether in life or on television, everyone needs a certain distance from other people to avoid this unintended harassment.



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