When Kpop idols become the "victims" of ... photographer in album covers, EXO and DBSK are no exception!

Vũ Thảo Phương, 08-05-2018
Poor quality, boring or puzzling images are the things that make Kpop fans frustrated when looking at album covers some Kpop groups.

1. Wassup - "Hotter Than A Summer" album

It seems that the Wassup girls have been "drown" the beauty by photographers in the album cover. It was hard for fans to see the face of the girls when their hair was covered up, not to mention the monotonous outfit that faded. "Hotter Than A Summer" album cover is worse that it was expected.

2. Topp Dogg - "Anniversary" album

Topp Dogg's "Anniversary" was criticized for over-used photoshop to make the album cover unattractive. It even looks like a hairstyle poster of a hairsalon. And this is one of the worst album covers in Kpop history voted by Netizens.

3. Secret - "I Want You Back" album

Not only faded with the main color is black and gray but even the faces of Secret members also became languorous and lack of vitality. It seems that the girls were not invested by the company and the album image was not also made carefully because of low budget. 

4. Red Velvet - "Happiness" album

Unlike Secret, Red Velvet gathers lot of attention since its debut with "Happiness". But this album cover was considered as a bad one because there was too many details on the cover that made the girls fuzzy and hard to see where they are.

5. Super Junior -  "Magic" album

Even though it's SM Entertainment's dear, the cover of Super Junior's album "Magic" disappointed fans due to the lack of investment and attention. Fans can also easily design a similar album cover on paint software like this.

Super Junior's album cover "Magic"

Fans re-design the cover album on paint software.

6. Taetiseo - "Twinkle" album

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun's album "Twinkle" reminds the fans of the image "Alice in Wonderland." The strange outfits of three members on this album cover did not appear in the MV, which made fans a little confused with the cover. 


7. Big Bang - "Number One" album

Even Kpop kings as Big Bang also has album cover that is considered quite bad like this. Not only monotonous but the cover is too boring far away from the performances of the guys on stage.

8. GOT7- "Got It?" album

And GOT7 also has a similar situation with his album entitled "Got It?". The cover also made fans relate to the clip art of Microsoft.

9. Boyfriend - "Pinky Santa" album

The cover of the Japanese album "Pinky Santa" of group Boyfriend followed the concept of Hello Kitty theme. But the cover looks like a collection of sticker for little girls and fans were also disappointed with the picture. 

10. TVXQ - "Tri-angle" album

From hairstyles to costumes, even the photoshop effect really has degraded the sexy looks of TVXQ "Goddess". And this is one of the worst album covers in Kpop history and even TVXQ cannot look at them in this image one more time.

11. EXO -  "Overdose" album

Maybe SM is planning to mesmerize EXO fans by the music of the guys. The monotony and hallucinogenic images  made this album so unattractive.

12. Nine Muses - "Let's Have a Party" album

If you look at only the top of the table of Nine Muses' "Let's Have a Party" album, there's probably nothing to discuss. It seems that the photographer has "drowned" the girl with the sitting postures in the picture.


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