When K-pop idols pour their heart out with painful words, whether you can hold the tears hearing Sehun's confession?

tphuong, 14-06-2018
Certainly they have to go through hardships, even a lot of deadlocks, so just with a word, these idols made the fandom "overwhelmed" in tears.

Don't think idols showing their lively performances under the bright light of the stage means they are always happy. The pressure they have to bear comes from many sides: the work, public opinion and countless other things when they try to live as an idol. However, the Kpop industry is always harsh and full of risky factors. In fact, most of the idols had to "swallow" the tears inside, which is hard to say into words. Sometimes, they just blurted out a few words but that was the most sincere feeling hidden in the hearts of these idols. The words make fans shed tear.

1. SNSD Taeyeon "Don't hate SONE, just hate SNSD"

In the early days of debut, Taeyeon was always cheerful but after a series of scandals, especially when SONE stood up for her, she was also criticized and stigmatized. Taeyeon had to say to protect her fans. "Don't hate SONE, hate SNSD".

Always loving fans but the leader of SNSD is always anxious about one day when she will not have any fans stay with her.

"I feel scared for a long time without meeting fans. I'm afraid they will not like us anymore." She shared

2. NCT Taeyong: "It is my fault that all the members are not received attention."

A series of criticisms on websites and forums targeted at Taeyong after the "cheating" scandal was revealed, they also threatened to boycott all other members when they were SMRookies. It was the "darkest" period when Taeyong had to endure mockery as well as making his debut lack of confidence.

In the NCT LIFE Show, Taeyong both cried and apologized, blaming himself that because of him, all the members also suffered. He also thanks to the friends in the NCT - who have always trusted and loved him.

3. BTS V: "When the members were filming together, I was just standing at a corner where the camera couldn't see me, by the wall watching the hyungs."

At first, everyone assumed that BTS had only six members when looking at Big Hit's trailer. It was not until May 26, 2013 that the official debut trailer released, Taehyung appeared. This is just a statement of this guy making his fans very sad because while the other members were filming the log, he could only sit in the corner. 

He is a "crying boy", so his words made the fans really hurt.

Therefore, the ARMY always told each other that "Taehyung needs to be loved".

4. T-ara Hyomin: "If I were you, I would soon like another group."

After the bullying scandal broke out, T-ARA fell into a crisis and found no escape. Korean people massively boycott the group, even some fans burnt the group's album to leave the group's fandom. 

The comeback failed, the group fell in emergency situation for a long time but luckily there are always loyal fans who have been standing by them. A group that wants to survive is based on the power of the fans, but Hyomin went on to advise her fans: "If I were you, I would soon find another group to follow." 

Hyomin was really worried about her fans, because she thought that following them is not having good future.

5. iKON B.I: "In the past I used to chat with the computer for sadness"

The leader who is always strict with all the members is actually just a lonely boy. Appearing with a cold face, actually Hanbin (real name of B.I) is also very pressure and lack of love. Despite always looking so strong to reinforce the spirit of other members in the group, B.I also shared his honest thought. He shared:  "In the past I used to chat with the computer for sadness"

The warm guy is covered by cold image but he only concentrates on the music 

... but he also needs love

6. BTS Jimin: "For the group, It's better for me to stay silent"

Perhaps every ARMY recognizes this guy who has spoken less than before. Because of anti-fans as well as deprecation of his appearance and talent, Jimin has worked so hard to improve himself. To become a Jimin like today, the BTS member had to pour out sweat, tears and even blood. Before that, everyone knew that Jimin had a rather chubby body. Despite the good vocal ability but those criticisms on his appearance makes Jimin hurt a lot. Therefore, he was determined to lose weight by a variety of methods, sometimes he had to stop eating for the whole week to get a nice body.

Jimin felt extremely down and was under pressure during his weight loss.

However, it is fortunate that BTS members are always there to care and encourage him to help him overcome any difficulties.

7. Super Junior Kyuhyun: "Don't follow me anymore, Super Junior is no longer famous."

Currently, third-generation groups are becoming trendy, they always top the charts, their fashion is "hunted", or the boys and girls of the next generation become role models, new ideals for fans. Second-generation groups now don't have enough space to perform and show their popularity as much as in the past. Therefore, Kyuhyun wants his fans to pursue the latest trends, not the idols that are over 30s like him. 

It must have been heartbreaking for Kyuhyun to advise his fans, "Do not follow me anymore, Super Junior is out of time"

8iKON Bobby: "I really want to be handsome even once, one day only"

When he first appeared, Bobby endured many bad comments because of his look. Anti called him the "monster" in the idol  world because of his unattractive appearance. Despite being a super rapper on stage, Bobby is actually a naive, honest, friendly and vulnerable man. Having left his home to go to Korea, Bobby couldn't stand so he confided with his mother. "I really want to be handsome even once in a day."

The motivation of the iKon members, the management company and especially the fans helped Bobby less self-inferiority in appearance.

9. EXO Sehun: "When I die, will anyone be sad?" 

EXO's youngest boy is actually the thoughtful guy. At the begining, EXO has suffered many tiles from public about  their talents and personalities. Sehun is also among them. Anti fans jumped to bash talent of this guy, when he was 18-19 years old. At that time, he was too young to suffer such harsh words. 

Pressure to be celebrity when hated,

... he must once blurt out: "When I die,  will anyone be sad?"



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