What would happen with Kpop industry if these female idols gathered in a group?

Thanhng, 13-03-2018
Can you imagine that one day YoonA, Suzy, and Krystal would debut in the same group?

Yoona - Visual of the group

Before debut, YoonA quickly gained attention from Kpop community thanks to her beautiful and bright appearance. After 8 years, she is still considered Kpop goddess. 

Taeyeon - Main vocal

Taeyeon is famous for her powerful and emotional vocal among Kpop idols. Time passes, SNSD leader has become more and more beautiful. And at present, she still attracts a lot of fans thanks to her sentimental voice and beauty. 

Krystal - Multiple roles in the group

It can be said that Krystal is the most talented member of f(x). Not only does she attract everyone by her pretty appearance but also her special and smooth voice, she can be a main dancer too. Because of these reasons, Krystal always shines on stage. 

Irene (Red Velvet) - The one who attracts a great number of fangirls.

Since the first day of debut, Irene received a lot of support from fangirls. Her bright and innocent beauty makes many girls jealous of. 

Naeun (A Pink) - The one who attracts fanboys

Not only own a beautiful face, Naeun also has a perfect body- one of the reasons that helped her gain a number of fanboys. 

Seolhyun (AOA) - Sexiest member

"New generation goddess with sexy body", AOA's maknae can totally steal many fans' hearts. 

IU - Seductive voice

Despite a scandal related to some sensitive photos, IU still gains success during her music career. 

Suzy - Perfect beauty

With the nickname "nation's first love", Suzy becomes an ideal type for both girls and boys in the world. 

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