What do you think about these 'white-washing' photos from K-pop fans? Like or Dislike?

SGshinbu, 02-06-2018
Koreans are obsessed with white skin, so fans always tried their best to "whiten" their idols' skin.

Kai is famous for his tanned skin, but he always has lightly white skin in most of photos, taken by fans,

Thanks to Photoshop, he looks completely perfect with beautiful milky skin. However, many fans want to keep his real color skin instead of editing it. 

Before and after photo editing of Chanyeol. Fans know how to make their idol look sparkling.

Most of fansites use Photoshop to edit photos for their idols. He looks like a different person with the two photos.  

No need to care about lighting quality when taking photos for idols because fans will save all of them

These two photos were taken at the same event, but he looked so different. Which one do you prefer?

If you haven't met V(BTS) in real life, you may think that he has milky skin due to photos edited by fans

Even Jung Kook

And Seung Hoon (WINNER) can shine bright thanks to their fans

Fans not only smooth Kyu Hyun (Super Junior)'s skin, but also make the skin tone look brighter.


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