“Weekly Idol” Fan has been surprised by the most fantastic “speed 2x” dance

Nguyễn Phương Hoa, 21-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) - 2x dance is the most famous challenge of variety show of Kpop idol come on the air every Wednesday on MBC.

Besides saegyo or “Random Play”, fans are accustomed to the challenge “2x dance” of “Weekly Idol” program. Because this is a chance for their idol to show off their outstanding dance talents on a track that is played at twice as fast as normal speed (2x) or even 3x or 4x. Here are the performances of "2x dance" which made the audience impressed in recent years.

SEVENTEEN - "Don't Wanna Cry" (episode 308)

This is one of the 2x dance that make everyone  surprised a lot. Despite the fast speed and complex dance, this is required a good mix of all members, SEVENTEEN has performed successfully.

INFINITE - "Be Mine" (tập 269)

With the 2x "Be Mine", INFINITE deserves to be named among the best dance groups in Kpop. The fast pace do not make them panic, every movement was rhythmic and emphatic. Even Sungkyu, the worst dancer also does not make any mistake and even collaborates with the other members very well.

SHINee - "Sherlock" (episode 272)

K-pop stagers feel that the challenge of "2x dance" is not difficult at all. The SHINee boys, especially Taemin, are as gentle and comfortable as dancing at normal speed. Everything will be perfect if Onew is not injured his leg and  join the performance.

G-Friend - "Navillera" (episode 261)

The G-Friend made everyone surprised by the "Navillera" 2x version. Thanks to this performance, G-Friend has attracted many fans in Korea and many countries in the world. With fast and accurate dance, but they still ensure 100% synchronization among members.

Red Velvet - "Peek-A-Boo" (episode 331)

Last time on "Weekly Idol", Red Velvet also made a "2x dance" with "Dumb Dumb".  Now, the SM girls do not let audiences down with "Peek-A-Boo". Although there are some convenient things with design of the shirt, it does not break the professional dance performance of Red Velvet.

Apin - "NoNoNo", "Mr. Chu", "Five" (episode 309)

Apink is a frequent guest on "Weekly Idol" but this is their first time participating in the 2x dance challenge. Apin has bravely performed three songs "NoNoNo", "Mr. Chu" and "Five" on double fast music.

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