Want to sneakily eat some snacks in the class with the hardest teacher? Learn from Red Velvet girls!

KawaiiB, 10-05-2018
Don't let the beautiful looks of Red Velvet fool you, these five girls are also very funny when they are on reality shows.

A lot of Korean entertainment programs have not hesitated to “challenge” the guests because it creates a sense of excitement mixed with fear. And in math class of teacher Henry Lau, Red Velvet cracks the audience up by eating rice stealthily while learning. The girls used every means to deceive the teacher from using mirrors, using their hair to cover and even their acting skills.

Wendy and Seulgi's happy faces when successfully eating without getting caught by the teacher.

Learn how to fully utilize the benefits of a mirror.

Teacher Lau’s class.

 Em út Yeri đã dùng tóc che mặt để ăn hết thức ăn trong miệng.
Yeri's used her hair to cover up and eat

However, the collision between the teeth and spoon in rush exposed Irene. Maknae Yeri quickly grabbed the opportunity to eat deliciously as nothing happened. 

Irene is too 'careless' to be caught

Take the opportunity to eat when other member got caught.

Seulgi's skillful technique.

This is Wendy’s hair flipping technique to fool her teacher.

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