Various types of Kpop fans among the fandom community: How to be called "sasaeng fans"?

LinhLuong, 26-02-2018
Different people can make different types of fans. Some of them are great, but there are still those who are truly "evils".

Enthusiasts through the computer screen

These fans who live far from the idol or because they are not financially capable to see their idols. These fans often get jealous at other who can go to the concert to meet idols.

Oh my god, that's a miracle!

Ye Gods!

They might go crazy seeing idols' new photos.

They just want to go to the concert so badly! 

When idols hold a fan's hand...

Ok. I'm fine.

Especially for fans who do not share the same language with idols, listening to music, watching movies or TV shows is extremely "difficult" to them. For each program, at first there aren't any subtitles, fans can only ''cry'' vaguely, because they can't understand anything.

"Normal" Fans

This is the "high level" fans category because they can often attend fan meetings, concert nights, idol promotions.

These fans may be in Korea or in other countries but are willing to pay for their tours.

Each event will have many "ordinary" fans involved.

This is the most popular fans in the K-pop fan community today.

"Luxurious" fans

Also known as "Master-nim", the head of a fansite. These fans are the people who can "follow idol all over the world", invest money for cameras with high-resolution lenses.

It can be said that the success of Kpop idols are partly based on the work of the master-nim.

Only masternims can capture the ecstatic moments of idol like this.

By always following idols, these fans are always remembered by the idols, even their name. At the concert or fanmeeting, among the millions of fans, the idols easily recognize their own fansites.

Idols are always very easy to recognize the lens of the master-nims.

SHINee's master-nim fansite can even capture the moon.

While asking for idols' signatures is the dream of so many people, with master-nim, it's so easey-peasy.

The masternims are "working".

Even fans who have been close to idols since debut have been seen as idols' friends. They even have the phone number of idols' managers, and being invited to private events hosted by idols, which are the privileges that other fans have never dreamt of.

And the most disastrous type - Sasaeng fans

"Sasaeng fan" is the Korean name for "crazy fan".

The level of "crazy" Korean fans are even higher than many other countries. 

G-Dragon (Big Bang) has been complaining on social networks that a few fans had come to his house for days, making his family feel unpleasant and his mother repeatedly panicked when she came home at night..

G-Dragon complained on his personal page about his fans.

Park Yoochun also was slapped his face so that he will remember that fan.

Park Yoochun was slapped by a fan.

EXO, a popular group with many sasaeng fans, is no stranger to such crazy acts like breaking into the hotel or group halls to steal or terrorize, or even hiding in the bathroom.

With such madness and recklessness, the sasaeng fan always make idols run away in terror and is regarded as a common enemy to all Kpop fans.

The end

Regardless of the type of fans, they all have one thing in common which is the love for idols. But what's more important is the way they show their love and support.

A polite admiration is the right way to express love for an idol.



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