Upcoming K-Pop comeback & debut lineup for June 2018

Hoàng Anh Phương, 03-06-2018
Now that summer is finally here, you can expect the K-Pop scene to heat things up again for this month of June.

May was definitely a month that was dominated by global superstars BTSand we can’t wait to see which group will liven things up for this month.

Given that Wanna One still holds the number one spot over BTS in terms of the brand reputation index for K-Pop boy groups in South Korea, their June 4th comeback is expected to be the most anticipated comebacks in June.

For all the BLACKPINK fans who have been frustrated, this month will definitely be the month where your wish finally comes true. The YG Entertainment girl group will be releasing their comeback mini-album, of course, if YG is really intent on keeping his word this time.

WJMK, a collaboration between WJSN and Weki Meki is a debut this month that many fans are looking forward to as well.


K-Pop Comeback & Debut Lineup For June 2018

June 1st – iKON, Rothy, WJMK

June 2nd – NCT U ( TEN, TaeYong)

June 4th – Wanna One

June 5th – fromis_9, YuBin

June 6th – DAY6, Kaite

June 7th – A.C.E, ONF

June 11th – GIRLKIND, SHINee

June 12th – Busters, Woo JinYoung X Kim HyunSoo


June 15th – BLACKPINK

June 18th – BTOB

June 19th – Kim DongHan

June 20th – GOT7

June 25th – SHINee

June 26th – MOMOLAND

June 27th – 100%, JYJ (Kim JaeJoong), Mr.Mr

Rumored: Amber ( f(x)), HA:TFELT, LOONA, NU’EST W, KARD, DIA

Source: Kpopmap

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