TWICE impressed with evenly bright beauty, G-Friend get makeup mistakes at airport

Mai Nhung, 02-03-2018
The contrary in beauty between two famous girlgroups cause many attentions and discussions on the Internet.

On February 27th, Korean airport gained attention with the appearance of beautiful girls from two most popular groups of Kpop : TWICE and G-Friend  . And of course, the beauty of the new generation idols is always a matter that make public interest in. While TWICE was praised by the evenly beautiful appearance without having to depend too much on makeup, some members of G-Friend made fans panicked because of the white face and skinny legs.

The new generation goddess Tzuyu is still beautiful, outstanding in the middle of the airport

Tzuyu's face clearly expressed the tiredness but her perfect beauty is indisputable

Mina reveals the glowy skin with radiant beauty.

The beauty' angles make fans fascinated

Nayeon is fresh, showing smooth skin 

Sana is pretty as a princess in fairytales 

Despite being one of the most beautiful members in TWICE, Momo defamed herself with sloppy outfits, bold makeup style which make her look older 

Dahyun is gentle and lovely

Jihyo is getting more and more beautiful

Chaeyoung shows a beautiful smile with graceful dimples


SinB impressed with strong fashion style of showing off her straight legs but her white face make fans shocked

Sowon's perfect body as model makes many people admired but her legs seem to be too small for her body. Fans are wondering whether she's trying to lose weights.

G-Friend's members surprised the fans with their white faces.

Yuju also appears with strange makeup.

Yerin is adored by media because of her lovely looks

Yerin and Eunha



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