Top male idols have hottest body: baby face but their abs are so sexy that make fans "dried blood"

"Video Star" recently announced the top male idol with the most body Kpop , making fans frenzied.

Recently, "Video Star" has launched the list of top male idols have the hottest body in Kpop. This list is mainly aimed at idols of the 2nd and 3rd generation of the most popular groups such as EXO, Wanna One, BTS ... It is worth mentioning that they all have a strongly contrast between body and face: baby face but adult body. Let's Kpopline check out the list to find wether your idol appears in this?

Sehun (EXO)

(Still know EXO's youngest brother Sehun whose admirable body measurements, but unbelievably male idol to work hard and transform his body into a completely different level like this. Sehun's image in the recent concert made female fans "bloody" because he was too scorching hot, firm muscles as a statue)

(Sehun owns long legs)

(Shoulder width)

(.... And stomach muscles....)

Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

(Innocent childlike face, but Kang Daniel has a super-standard body with long legs and arms, chocolate abs, the shoulders wide 60 cm. He is even listed on top of male idol with the perfect ratio)

(Who would doubt this is the abdomen of the boy born in 1996?)

(Look at his from the back!)

Jin (BTS)

(Who would expect the beautiful male like prince, baby, stupid Jin (BTS) has a body like this redoubtable?)

(Jin is also famous for his broad shoulders)

Shownu (Monsta X)

(If you just look at Shownu's face, everyone would assume that he is a cute , lovable ,however, look at that big body)

(A few dancing are showing off the shoulder, biceps and thighs)

(And when he took off his shirt ... really many fans were shocked by the shock of Shownu's body)



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