Top Best looking Korean star ‘s manager

Mai Nhung, 14-01-2018
Who could ever know that even Managers of our biases are this good looking??

Idols always have busy schedule, hard to spend time to rest. In order to help their artist appear in public with the best image, their managers have an extremely important role. These managers below always complete excellently their job and are widely known for their charismatic appearance.

This attractive guy is said to be G-Friend ‘s manager make netizens feel curious due to his appearance is no less than any idols. Do you believe that a such handsome guy is girl group‘s manager and not an idol?

Because of prominent looks, that manager is secretly taken secretly photo in the airport

He is also considered to be able to take a visual position if he is the member in an idol group. However, in fact, he is not  G-Friend’s manager but just a tour manager at Official Hallyu Entertainment‘s member. However, with his bright face, good looking attractive , this guy is still attracting a lot of Kpop fans.

Super Junior's  manager is famous in the Kpop fan community thanks to his handsome appearance and extra height. 

Many people may be surprised with Hyun Ah ‘s manager, who own such a charming looks. He is tall, has solid body and a handsome face. When he wear polite costume and stand by Hyun Ah, he look like more an artist, an actor than a manager.

Teen Top’s handsome manager appear in real life looks like a movie actor.

The singer - actor Seo In Guk’s manager owns masculine beauty and resembles his artist.

GOT7 ‘s manager is as pretty as the members in this boygroup

The manager of Eric has a bright, lovely smile, he make Shinhwa’s fans enjoyed everytime he appear with Eric.

Even, fans secretly take secretly photo of Kim Bo Geun because he look so attractive.

MBLAQ's manager has a good appearance and baby face, it's hard to believe that he is  these talented boys’s manager and not their co-workers.

IU's manager is always appreciated to be one of the most handsome managers in K-Biz. He was like her brother because he always protect and care for her very well. This couple artist – manager has close relationship.

Seeing at this image, he look like the male actor Gong Myung

Apink ‘s manager is as lovely as his artist. Owning admirable height and baby face, he soon became popular in the Apink fan community and Kpop fan. When he appeared on Weekly Idol and received punishment for his artist, many fangirls feel anxious

SHINee ‘s manager is also become well known by handsome looks . He owns outstanding heights and masculine faces, Shawol (SHINee’s fan community) jealous of his idol because they has a handsome and kind manager

When appearing on  “Two-day, One-night” show with Lee Seung Gi, his manager became the hot topic on the online forums. He is considered to have a handsome face between his Lee Seung Gi ‘s beauty and Highlight ‘s leader Yoon Doo Joon’s attraction

EXO ‘s handsome manager is very popular in the Kpop fan community thanks to his nice body and attractive looks. The fact that EXO’s members are close to him, even they have attended  and sing at Lee Seung Hwan's wedding in the middle of last year. 

EXO’s fans took a lot of this manage’s photos

Lee Seung Hwan is pretty no less than EXO’s member

B1A4's manager - Kim Hwan Dong, a cute guy will be more attractive when he appear with many lovely dogs. Looking at this smile, do you believe that he is just a manager?

Looking at this picture, many people will assume that this is G-Dragon wearing sunglasses. And It’s hard to know why SM can recruit many brilliant boys? 

Beast’s manager - Hong Jin Taek

Looking at the guy in this picture, many fangirls will want to say, "When did he debut?"

2PM's manager Seon Jin-cheol is charming no less than 2PM ‘s boys! A cute guy wearing glasses is always interesting!


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