Top 9 Kpop male idols still handsome regardless of wrinkles

Mai Nhung, 14-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - The small wrinkles cannot affect on these idols' dashing appearance.

Being Kpop male idols who make thousands of girls infatuated, but sometimes these idols lose points due to wrinkles that appear when they smile or laugh.

1. Siwon (Super Junior)

Totally different from the sexy image in various performances on stage, Siwon made fans startled when many "wrinkles"  are spotted on his face when he smiles. Those wrinkles apparently make the heartthrob older than usual.

Just a few seconds ago he was still a goddess but seconds later ...

2. JB (GOT7)

Owning prominent "smiling eyes' but JB (GOT7) should avoid big laugh because "wrinkles" will appear afterward.

Wrinkles appear more and more when he smiles in a comfortable way

3. L (Infinite)

L (Infinite) is an idol having a "wrinkles smile", but his smile is still loved by fans because of its cute charm.

4. Jinyoung (GOT7)

Jinyoung is GOT7's second member that is included in this list. Although having"wrinkles when laughing" but he still gains fans' love thanks to his bright smile.

5. Im HyukSik (BTOB)

Anyone that knows BTOB will be familiar with cute Im Hyunsik, who typically owns a "lovely smile" like this

6. JungKook (BTS)

JungKook (BTS) also own a "wrinkles smile" but it does not affect on fans' love for him. Just unwittingly big laugh as when he plays with his "hyungs", Jungkook make fangirls crush on him 

7. Vernon (Seventeen)

Seventeen's Vernon also owns a special beauty from the West. Actually, only a few people realize the wrinkles on his face when he laughs.

9. Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Finally, the hottest idols in 2017, "national center" guy, Kang Daniel with a handsome face. Due to his innocent personality, Kang Daniel was called as "Kang Choding" by his bandmates. But then he also suddenly turned into "a 400 years old uncle" due to full of wrinkles when he laughs.

 This is a real prince charming with blight smile 

But appear with his daily smile, this will be a different person!

However in fact, no matter what he does, fans still feel satisfied...


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