Top 7 most impressive dances of K-pop idols in 2017 that will steal your hearts right from the first look!

Thanhng, 25-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) – Which dancemove is your favourite one?

1 Sunmi - Gashina

Clear-cut dance moves along with her unique expression swing from cuteness to fierce while performing Gashina have always fascinated audiences. 

2. WANNA ONE - Burn It Up

WANNA ONE's choreography in Burn It Up reminds fans of Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" and "Smooth Criminal".

3. EXO - Ko Ko Bop

This dance move not only shows the members' dancing skills but also demonstrates why EXO deserves to be an international star. The way they control their choreography is truly remarkable.

4. SEVETEEN - Don't Wanna Cry

These boys look so young and full of vitality when they perform the kneeling dance moves.

5. BTS - DNA

BTS is always known as a group with powerful dances. The choreography in "DNA" proved that they not only produce great music but also own excellent dancing skills. 

6. TRCNG - Spectrum

The magic of choreography in "Spectrum" is that it does not require too much movements, but looks like a combination of different complex movements. 

7. GFriend - Fingertip

With the choreography of "Fingertip", GFriends is one of the Kpop girl groups that owns the most difficult dance moves.

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