Times when Kpop idols dress well with high-end fashion labels

Thanhng, 11-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Which luxurious brands do the Kpop idols love the most?

Kpop idols often buy and wear items from famous fashion brands in the world. Among them, there are also some outfits called "the most expensive items in the world".

Kai's denim jacket from Acne Studio costs about US $ 390 USD 

The pioneer for many fashion trends in Korea - G-Dragon is a fan of Balenciaga. His Speed Trainer Sneakers costs US$ 750

The price for Solar (MAMAMOO)'s belt from Gucci is US$ 450 

  Gucci Ace Sneakers helped Jennie (Black Pink) look fashion. It costs US$ 620

Park Bo Gum is very fashionable while wearing a Gucci Logo T-shirt, at a cost of US$ 590 

Jessica used a Chanel bag for her airport fashion (Chanel Wallet on a chain handbag), at a cost of US $2,500 

Suzy once wore a Balenciaga Logo Hoodie and this shirt cost US $ 795

Park Hyung Sik paid US$ 350 for this Logo Campaign Cap from Balenciaga

Tzuyu keeps her warm with a Padding Jacket from Moncler brand, at a cost of US$ 1500. 

"Gucci Boy" - V (BTS) is really a fan of Gucci brand. He wore the Gucci Fur Loafer to the airport. It costs US$ 995 

It seemed like he really loves these loafers



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