Times when Kpop idols don't care about their image and show double chins, who looks the funniest?

SGshinbu, 11-06-2018
If you think that your favorite idol always looks perfect, so you are wrong.

Let's check out some of hilarious moments when Kpop idols show their double chins in front of the public.

Daniel was trying to make heart shape. Luckily his double chin was covered by the collar. 

 The hottest photo on social networks at the moment. Daniel and his double chin

With a lovely and round face, every time IU laughes, she will show off her double chin

 However, she still win fans' hearts with her innocent personality. 

Sungjae intended to show off his double chin to friends

Changsub is funny too with this trend

It seems like BTOB boys really like to show off their double chins to fans

Looking at Wheein's photo, many fans wondered: who is she?

With her sense of humour, Hani sometimes is willing to make fun of herself. 

 Where is your sexiness, Hani?

Looking cool on stage, but in daily life, Zico looks funny too. 

 Lee Hong Ki knows how to make fans laugh with this photo

"The nation's first love' sometimes has double chin too when she laughes out loud. 

But she still rocks this too

Skinny girl like YoonA can have double chin too.

Taeyeon also amazed fans with her double chin

Yerin showed the importance of choosing the right angle to take selfies

 Joy was doing aegyo but it turned out a funny photo with her double chin


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