Times when Korean actresses sacrifice their long hair because of the roles

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 02-04-2018
While some people find their suitable style thanks to their roles, other are dispraised with short hair.

Many times, because of the roles, Korean female stars accept to cut their long hair. Among them, some have never even had a short hair since debuted. However, not all new faces of idols are supported by fans, especially when it comes to drama actresses. Some people are so "lucky" to transform into suitable short hair, but others are dispraised.

Go Jun Hee

We can't ignore Go Jun Hee of "She Was Pretty". She is one of the best examples when she got huge success after she cut her hair.

Success of "She Was Pretty" makes Go Jun Hee shine, her hairstyle becomes a really hot trend. Until now, she still has short hair with her latest drama, "Untouchable" of jTBC.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won has had long hair for a long time before she cut her "hair" for "Descendants of The Sun." In fact, even with any hairstyle, she is still very pretty, but her short hair is  much more impressive.

Currently, she has returned to her long hairstyle, but viewers still missed Yoon Myung Joo's short hair two years ago. Undeniably, this hairstyle has brought Kim Ji Won a very fresh image, as well as more successes to her role.

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung is praised for her hairstyle of Kim Bok Joo in "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo". Even, this "high cut" hairstyle is also favorite by Korean youngsters.

No need to watch this drama, just looking at these pretty photos, audiences will understand why Lee Sung Kyung is supported with this hairstyle.

Park Min Young

Many times, Park Min Young sacrificed her long hair for her role, but the most famous is in "Healer".

In many segments, this hairstyle is taken care carefully by stylist in order to help Park Min Young look extremely beautiful.

However, when she has to become a reporter, she is also "dipped" a little bit because of her hair.

Jung Yoo Mi

Because Jung Yoo Mi takes on the role as a police officer in "Live", she makes a lot of fans regret because of her short hair. 

However she doesn't always look serious in this image. When she appears with Lee Kwang Soo, she looks very pretty.

Kim Min Jung

In order to bring a new image to Cha Do Ha in "Man to Man," Kim Min Jung decides to cut her hair. And many fans aren't satisfied with this.

Regretfully, there are some people who can't bear the style of Cha Do Ha ... They said they can't watch the drama because of her.


In order to become Nam Hong Joo in "While You Were Sleeping", Suzy cuts her long hair to appear with "ragged" short hair.

Initially, many fans express their regret because this hairstyle makes her look quite "manly", especially when she dresses formally as a reporter.

However, when it comes to the drama, everything is still fine, Suzy's beauty is still outstanding, though it isn't glamorous as when she keeps long hair.

After the drama ended, she has been trying to raise her hair like before


Like Suzy, Krystal has been holding on to her long hair since she started as a singer, until she decided to cut her hair for "Smart Prison Living".

Many people dispraise Krystal's beauty when she shows off this short hairstyle at  an event. Someone even says she looks like a man.

Although many people dispraise her haistyle....

... Krystal is still pretty and importantly, "Smart Prison Living" has been extremely successful!

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