Times when idols strictly tell their fans: “Love yourself before you love me!”

Mai Nhung, 02-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Although idols also need fans, they never want to see us only caring about them and forget about our own life.

The love with idols is a nice culture and an indisputable thing. You can spend your whole day just watching idol’s pictures, new videos or just waiting for their performances on television that helps you relax after daily work... Idol s have a huge power that many people can not get out. But sometimes, idols are more "conscious" than us, and thanks to the their advices, we realise that: idols don’t want their fans to spend too much time on them and forget to live for ourselves.

Changmin (DBSK)

DBSK’s maknae is extremely popular with his legendary quote: “If you don’t study hard, then don't bother to become a my fan". Hallyu wave have risen dramatically recently, making many fans no longer interested in learning and spend more time to follow their idol. However Cassiopeias (DBSK fanclub) will never have a chance to ignore their life thanks to Changmin's strict words.

Over and over again, Changmin has admonished his fans by the cold reminder but full of caring:

"I know fans are the factor that establish the singer's accomplishment, but everyone has their own lives. Do not give up your dream or achievement. Please live your beautiful and happy life before loving us, I can not take responsibility for you. It may be called greed, but I still want the fans to be able to do such things. "

“ We don’t need the sun flowers. Just live your life before you think of making us happy”

Sometimes, fans can feel the warm and sweet words from Changmin ‘s heart:

"Thanks for your enthusiasm as standing so long for us under this bad weather, but next time, just watch TV at home to keep warm!"

Not many idols care about their fans as much as Changmin. Because he worried about fans can be cold or tired, he told them to take care of themselves first and then pay attention to their idols. Therefore, Cassiopeia is always proud of being DBSK’s  fans.

HeeChul (Super Junior)

Hee Chul is known for his 4D character, he isn't even afraid of his company, he always says something that he believes to be right. He is such a strange and extremely straightforward guy who make fans respected. In a conversation with the fans, HeeChul imagined of a prospect where E.L.F ignored their studying because of Super Junior:

“ Your mother’s punishment and scolding….then tear the electricity bill and bad school reports."

Then, HeeChul advised the girl to focus on learning first, when she achieve good results , she is able to keep her legitimate passion with idols.

Kai (EXO)

Kai is the youngest member in EXO, but he always understands morality. Many times, he advised fans to study hard to success in their life. Following idol is just a fleeting moment, it is impossible to become a big part of your life forever. Let’s study and develope yourself so both fans and idols feel proud when we see each other again.

 “ If you are not good at studying, then don't even think of following us. Now, EXO seems to be a world to you but in several years, you will regret.”

You are now a 12th grade student, this will probably be the most important time of your life, so let’s focus on studying instead of us.

“ Let’s see again in the future when you become a person that both you and me can praise of your success”  

Jin (BTS),

BTS’s members were debuted at a young age, they still don't know much about this world, but fortunately, a wonderful brother as Jin appeared,. Jin is gentle and deep, pampering his young brothers but he never forgets to teach them. During an outdoor fan meeting, Jin said:

 “Why can you come here on school day? If you are younger than Jungkook, let's go back, it's too late.”

Who in this world tells fans to go home when they create the event to see their fans? In fact, idols don’t want fans to cut class or neglect the work because of them. They just want others to look at their fans and feel proud.

If you remember BTS’s album: "Love yourself: Her", there's a song dedicated to the fans called "Pied Piper". This group have also conveyed their message to their fans.

Don't watch anymore, study hard. Your parents and boss are going to hate us ..."

Idol will never want you to lose the value of yourself due to large passion for them.  You can find idols at your leisure time, listen to their music for fun, but do not neglect everything else for them. Let’s become the people that idols can be proud and make your idol become more beautiful in outsiders’ s eyes, because in the end, we all believe in the saying: "Like idol like fan".


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