Times Kpop idols proved that they shouldn't taken on these roles in Kdramas

Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, 19-03-2018
They are well known as pretty idols who are good at singing and dancing. But when these idols try to take on a role in Kdrama, they themselves and their fans wish to delete these scenes as soon as possible.

Being good at singing and dancing doesn't mean they can be good at acting. Even their visuals can't save them from these scenes.

Joy (Red Velvet)

"Was Lee Hyun Woo kissing a mannequin?" - Joy was criticized for her bad acting in "The liar and his lover"

"The liar and his lover" is a Kdrama starring with Lee Woo Hyun, Joy (Red Velvet) and Hong Seo Young based on a Japanese novel. Joy plays a role that has a love-at-first-sight story with Han Gyul (Lee Hyun Woo). Her role is really adorable and nice. But her acting is not that good. 

In 2018, Joy starred in "The Great Seducer" with Moon Ga Young, Woo Do Hwan and Kim Min Jae. Her acting, indeed, was under criticism again. Fans left supportive comments to protect her but the drama's viewers denied it.


Shoutout to the most regretful scene from IU's acting career. 

"Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" is a Korea drama series based on a Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. Despite its ensemble cast and romantic love story, "Moon Lovers" still received criticism for its screenplay and performances. Especially IU.

IU has joined Dream High and Producers but her acting was not improved much. She is now starring for "My Ahjusshi", playing a cold woman role. 

Her pop-eyed haunted the viewers through the film


In "The Prime Minister and I", her acting's gone too far and made all the viewers feel tired of watching her drama serie. 

However, YoonA has turned her acting upside down when played her role in "The K2" - the hidden daughter of Jang Se-joon, whose life is always threatened. 

Her performance in "The K2" still need to be inproved


Hyeri's acting in "Two Cops" was so bad that she wrote a apology letter to fans and the viewer. So many vewers stated that Hyeri should have stopped since "Reply 1988". Her performance was not that improved to star for another drama.

Hyeri, could you please improve your performance?

Nam Tae Hyun

His performance in "Late Night Restaurant" was full of regrets!

Winner's former member continues to disappoint viewers with his poor acting in "Late Night Restaurant". This drama is a sad one, and his acting really made the viewer burst into laughters. Then, Tae Hyun has joined  "Actor Show" to improve his bad acting. He hasn't made any comeback since his regretful crying scene in "Late Night Restaurant"


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