Times idols and actors appear in a same outfit, who is more attractive?

Mai Nhung, 13-03-2018
This is not a rare case in the Korean showbiz but which version would you prefer?

Times Korean idols and actors wear the same costumes are no stranger to Kbiz fans. Especially nowadays, more and more artists are starting to like famous fashion brands and it is hard to avoid appearing in the same clothes. And sometimes, there will definitely be one person who suits the outfit more than the others.

Lee Kwang Soo - Lai Guan Lin (Wanna One)
The case of Lee Kwang Soo and Lai Guan Lin is vivid illustration for the fact that: different destinies of an outfit completely depend on the person who wear. Despite wearing a same shirt, but the charisma of Wanna One member is extremely clear.

Lai Guan Lin is extremely "attractive" and "Prince Asia"  still make fans speechless.

Jung So Min - Jessica
When the first time seeing actress Jung So Min wear a pink dress from the famous brand Self Portrait, many people will think she look the most beautiful in this outfit, but fans will have to change their minds immediately when they see Jessica. With the same costume, but Jessica is a bit more attractive. The "Ice Queen" really shows off the beauty of the dress.

Jung So Min is feminine, tender in pink dress.

Jessica is not only beautiful but also charming, attractive.

Park Bo Young - Kim Sejeong (Gugudan)

 When both of idol and actress wear the same jacket with different styles, no one is less attractive than the other. Because, we can clearly see two girls bring their own charm in this jacket. Park Bo Young looks much younger than her real age and female idol Kim Sejeong is so energetic.

 Park Bo Young is extremely cute in this jacket.

Sejeong is very active.

Son Ye Jin - Taeyeon

Both beautiful girls Son Ye Jin and Taeyeon appear in same white dress from the brand Maje. However, both of them still excelled pure beauty in their own way

With the fair skin, Taeyeon was outstanding in a delicately designed dress.

 Son Ye Jin looks lighter.

Park Bo Gum - V (BTS)

Dressed in a same ultra - luxurious black vest, but each one brings a different image. Park Bo Gum is just like a  prince come from the comic and V look like a really prince charming that every girl wants to own.

 Park Bo Gum is very handsome in this costume.

V look so dreamy with the splendid suit and blue lenses.

Which side would you prefer? Idols? Or actors?


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