Three luxurious gifts in V ( BTS) ‘s birthday this year, the most expensive one might make you “startled”!

Mai Nhung, 29-12-2017
To be honest, K-pop fans (in general) and V-stans (in particular) surely know how to spend money!

V (BTS) ‘s fans are preparing the most luxurious gifts on his birthday. They gave him a lot of expesive items from  various high-end brands like Gucci, Burberry, Prada, St. Louis. Laurent, Apple to a real star out of space.

This year, Baidu V ( a Chinese fansite ) truly has a feast when celebrating Taehyung's birthday. They are giving the boy three expensive birthday presents, with a total of $ 153,873 budget. Here are details about their presents to V this year:

Leica camera and Noctilux lens ($ 17,690)

Fans know V like to take pictures, they cherish his hobby and give him the nickname “Vante”. Baidu V donated him the world's fastest aspherical lens, the NOCTILUX - M 50mm f / 0.95 ASPH Lens (~ $ 10,795) and a Leica M10 Camera (~ $ 6,895) .

Wristwatch Jaeger-LeCoultre (39.100 USD)

This meaningful wristwatch Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Quantième Lunaire is carefully selected for V’s special day

Advertising big screen for happy birthday (about 22.688 USD)

Baidu V also bought a big screen in a week at Times Square in New York for V’s birthday to show the world their love. This advertising screen will be displayed 30 minutes/ time from December 23rd to 30th.

We can’t know exactly the value of this gift because the monthly advertising bill on the Reuters building approaches $ 30,000/ month and the Nasdaq design is from $ 60,750 a month..

Many fandoms have bought ad screens for idol’s birthday to celebrate and make them feel loved on their special day. Golden Stars - Jessica's fandom, also bought a screen on April at Times Square to show their love and support for the female idol.

Beside these three super presents, V also received many gifts with the total value of over $ 250000

Once again, happy birthday Taehyung ah~ ! 




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