Thousand of expressions when idols eating this kind of fruit, what makes Jackson (GOT7) love it in that way?

Vũ Thảo Phương, 12-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - For some people who cannot smell it, eating this fruit is no way.

Durian - which is called the "king of tropical fruits". With its sweet aroma and delicious taste, durian is a favorite fruit of many idols like Jackson, Mark, Bam Bam of GOT 7, Nickhun (2PM), Victoria (f (x) ...

However, there are also many Korean stars who cannot stand the taste of this kind of fruit because of its smell. 

This is Jackson's favorite fruit.

JB runs after the first bite.

This is unique way to taste durian of Jaehyun.

 Đến thánh ăn như Mino cũng phải méo mặt khi nếm thử.
Look at his poor face! 

See more idols' expressions when eating durian in this video: 

Thao Phuong - source: youtube


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