This old woman tries so hard to learn English, but few people know the great reason why she needs to use it for!

The Hien Luong, 08-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - This woman goes from a bureaucratic nuisance to language student, to national hero in a touching and meaningful movie.

I Can Speak is a 2017 South Korean film directed by Kim Hyun Seok, starring Na Moon Hee and Lee Je Hoon.

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 I Can Speak is the story of a diligent and serious civil servant, Park Min Jae (Lee Je Hoon), who gets transferred to a new district in Seoul. At his new ward office, he learns that an elderly woman, Na Ok Boom (Na Moon Hee), submits complaints every single day. At the same time, Ok Boom tries to learn English, by chance, she discovers that Min Jae fluently speaks English; she pleads him to help her become as good as a native speaker. The reason why she wants to learn English is one of the beautiful messages of the movie.

It turns out that Ok Boom was a Comfort Woman forced into sexual slavery during the second World War by the Japanese force. Ok Boom wants to learn how to speak English so that she’d have the ability to tell the world about what happened during WWII; she wanted to testify so that all of the Comfort Women could finally get the apology they deserved from Japan.

Start from the beginning. What a familiar sentence!

Then a more difficult one.

She's studying new words

It took her all her life to finally open up about what happened because formerly, her mother asked her to stay silent about it — in the end, Ok Boom regrets this. She realized that she should have spoken sooner.

The miserable past has tortured them mentally and physically

During Ok-Boom’s speech at the US Congress, she said something that really hit the audience: “I learned English so everyone could understand what we went through, and so that nothing like this would ever happen again.”

“I learned English so everyone could understand what we went through, and so that nothing like this would ever happen again.”

The title of the movie, on the surface it seems like it refers to speaking English, but deep down, “I can speak” means I can get up and fight for what I believe is right, for what happened, and to give strength to the next generation. 

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