This magic phone case, which helps to change facial expressions, suddenly becomes hot trend among idols!

Hoàng Anh Phương, 14-06-2018
One of the trendy items which several celebrities have been spotted with is definitely the Yoo ByungJae phone case. Its unique and interesting design has caused many to use as their handphone case.

Previously, AOA‘s SeolHyun was spotted using the phone case when she was at the airport. Since then, we have compiled a list of celebrities who were spotted with this interesting phone case.

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#1 Apink‘s EunJi

The amazing vocalist of Apink uploaded a picture of her using Yoo ByungJae phone case on her own Instagram account! She has since then grabbed attention from her fans as well as others.

#2 WINNER‘s Jinu

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Coming from the same entertainment company, JinWoo was presented with a Yoo ByungJae phone case as a gift from his fan! He seemed to be very happy with his present.

#3 AOA’s SeolHyun

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When SeolHyun was pictured heading overseas for a schedule, reporters paid attention nonetheless to her beauty but also what she was holding on her hand.

#4 WINNER’s Hoony


Fans also could not leave SeungHoon out when it comes to Yoo ByungJae phone case. He posted on his Instagram with the phone case covering his face!

#5 Park MyungSoo

park myungsoo, park myungsoo yoo byungjae, yoo byungjae phonecase, yoo byungjae profile, park myungsoo profile

Comedian Park MyungSoo was gifted with Yoo ByungJae phone case when Yoo ByungJae himself went onto KBS “Cool FM Park Myung-su’s Radio Show”! As noted by many, the two of them have a close relationship with each other.

What do you think of the phone case? Will you use it too?

Source: Kpopmap


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