This is the reason why Korean LGBT love BTS’ Mr. World Wide Handsome

Mai Nhung, 12-02-2018
What is the reason that makes Jin (BTS) become famous among Korean male LGBT community?

A post on Pann - Korea's popular social networking site entitled, "This male idol quickly garnered a lot of attention from Korean male homosexuals" attracted a large amount of comment, like & share. The male idol loved by a large number of male homosexuals is Jin (BTS) - a male celebrity with a shimmering look like Kpop’s prince. And Koreaboo revealed the reason why Jin was so popular in Korean gay community.

Which is his characteristics making Korean male homosexuals love so much?

Netizens' comments all talk about Jin's attractive beauty to everyone regardless of age, all genders, all fans with different sexual orientations ... Previously, Jin was praised of dainty and gentle beauty as a real prince. However, since BTS is more popular in all over the world , Jin changes in more liberal and sexy style, making fans more and more crazy. Comments on the gay forum as follows:

"His glitter eyes... are... really beautiful".

"Senpai is well known, even in LGBT."

"Because Jin's beauty is no rival."

"Senpai ah! huh huh. Who allows you to be beautiful like that".

Jin is more and more sexy, handsome and liberal

The guy steals fans' heart  by making cute moves

Jin's flawless beauty

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