This is the 'historical' war between BtoB's and BTS' fans that you should never miss out!

Nhi Bui, 22-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Suddenly, there was a 'fight' between A.R.M.Y and Melody. Both sides hold really strong force that are hard to defeat!

If you are a big fan of K-Pop, you probably know that Kings of Kpop memes are BTS and BTOB. They really know how to create fun among the members and also bring laughters to fans.

Just like their idols, A.R.M.Ys and Melodies are also really good at making funny photos of 'oppas' and share on Pann - one of the most popular Kpop fan community. That's where the 'world war' began - I bet if BTS or BtoB see these photo series, they would have to wonder whether these are truly their fans or just "fanties"!


Remember Suga's sister - Min Yoon Suk?

BTS also know how to act ''cool" in front of the camera !!!

Fans doesn't have to do anything, Jungkook can make fun of himself for you!

The famous gif of Jin changing his expression faster than the Flash!

Let's give the editor of this gif a Daesang award! How could you create such a masterpiece???!

Taehyung looks totally like Conan in real life, except for his legs...

Come on!!!!! Melodies, show us some moves!

This is the clearest evidence of someone who doesn't know how to use his great visual in the right way!

"Welcome! It's your first time with Bangtan?" - RM must have felt really painful seeing this cover from Kookie.

That's it, thank you for watching but not yet!

Let J-hope teach you how to impress sassy girls!

Our leader being extra, can Eun Kwang be better than this!!?

His face gets out of shape

Even when washing face...

Can Melodies capture your idols eating at this extra level like this?

Jimin's ''seductive" smile. Wait fot it, Amis haven't done yet!

Don't you regconize the most handsome man in the world? Well, we're not confident to claim this is him.

He looks like as a wacky comedian

Look at this, V is excited!



Although he didn't do it on purpose, the 'Cinderella' still lost his shoe just like in the original tale.

BTOB also know how to act "cool" in front of the camera

The most extra mukbang on earth! 

Face washing in BTOB style. If you accidentally see this photo at night, it might make you awake till the morning.

Some Melodies even say they have much more troll photos of BtoB than their beautiful ones.

This is the most amazing group photo ever, making people burst out laughing

BTOB's meme king, no one would dare to pass Changsub!

The 'sexiest' part on BtoB members' faces are their many-layered chins!

Their facial expressions seem so extraordinary!

You can still handle this, right?

Actually, Ilhoon still looks really handsome in this photo!

Sometimes Melody still finds these images really strange. ..

Oh, so BtoB also has a 'monkey'-man?

Why did this photo look like Changsub was teasing Peniel for his hair?

Well, Paniel is the champion of all. He wins!!!

The battle has never come to an end, A.R.M.Y and Melody are still immersed in it. So who will become the Meme King of 2018?


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