[This is my first life OST] The love story “ Married life” for alone people (FA)

Hồng Nhung, 22-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) – If you want to know the feeling of a person…that insensitive to getting married or bored "related to” the love story, this is the OST you shouldn’t ignore!!

If anybody have watched the drama “ This is the first life”, you willn’t forget the Ost “ Marriage” by MoonMoon. The sound of this song still makes fans ... confused . The song have not only the gentle melody but also simple and honest sound... break someone’s heart.

Marriage is about picking pretty words. Saying pretty compliments. And making a pretty night. Marriage is about. Meeting a good person. Having a good love. And buying a good house”

However, this is the “definition”  of a common marriage . But this song is written by the art perspective of a especial person that is emotionless in the marriage when express the voice of heart  to get over everything. So I'm just turning on the TV by myself. Going outside in comfortable clothes. Buying strong alcohol by myself. So I'm going to Namsan by myself. I'm walking along Han River by myself.”

When you listen this song, you will think the song that is written for a person don’t care about the emotions himself or a FA in a long time lack of affection and now the situation is the more dangerous, however you will realize the real emotion inside each sentence of the song. Everytime the song is sung, it stole  the heart of audience away.

Whether you are marriage or not, whether you are in love or a FA, this song will make you find yourself as you are in out of life.

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