This is how Kpop idols' dormitories look like, but don't be too startled with the luxurious view inside!

Thanhng, 30-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Through variety shows, Kpop fans can see part of their idols' personal life. However, it is still not enough with the curiosity of the fans as everyone wants to take a look at the daily life and living conditions of their loved ones.

Even when idols show a little bit of their daily lives through a variety show, everything they offer is not enough to satisfy the curiosity of the fans. How are our idols, what are their hobbies, whether they are "cluttered" or not, good or bad? ... are questions that any fan would like to know.

Fans really want to understand the character as well as the real people of their idols. And the "dorms" of idols also display their characters as well as bringing the stars closer to the fan communities.


As one of the top idol groups of Korean at the moment, EXO's dorm is an ultra modern mansion that any EXO-Ls would like to visit in.

This villa is a private place for members to take a rest, relax after stressful working schedules. It's also equipped with modern furnitures, a gym, a bookstore with a huge range of comic books, an amusement arcade, and of course a luxury swimming pool.

EXO's villa from the outside.

Furniture inside the villa.

All the equipment here is luxurious and expensive, well-equipped from A to Z. Rooms such as kitchen, toilet, bedroom, ... are decorated and cleaned carefully.

The bookshelf is full of different types of comics and of course, EXO is addicted to classic game so of course there should be gaming machine in this house.

Food is always available for the boys

Entertainment space for the boys


As the "golden egg" of Woolim Entertainment and also one of the best idol groups in Korea, INFINITE's dorm is the most authentic proof to show how wealthy they are.

With their success, INFINITE's "home" is located in a very convenient location, they can see the city view at night and of course, all the furniture has been selected carefully.

This is where the boys can gather comfortably in the evenings and get a good rest before starting a new day with full of schedules.

INFINITE's members are pet lovers so they also have a space for their 'children'

Members in the group always clean and take care of their space

An ideal place for INFINITE


The eleven members split in three rooms amongst themselves - three girls in one of the two rooms downstairs and five girls in the other. The remaining three girls share a bedroom upstairs.

The dormitory is designed with modern architecture, simple color and full of facilities

The girls also have a space to store fans' gifts


As one of the most popular girl groups in Korea today, TWICE also owns a duplex house, including 6 bathrooms and 3 spacious living rooms.

The girls did not hesitate to share their rooms on TV

They are spending good time together


BTS is currently one of the most successful K-Pop groups, and they even has reached out to the world, with a series of tours in many countries with the attendance of thousands of fans.

Therefore, the boys did not live in the "old" dormitory any more but moved to a new spacious, comfortable house and more importantly, each member has their own space.

The time when BTS members shared the old dormitory

In 2017, with the huge success of the group, the boys moved to a larger apartment, where the members had more private space.

Jin and Suga sharing a room

J-Hope and Jimin' room is neat and lovely.

RM and V' room is full of toys and teddy bears

And maknae Jungkook does not need to share his room with anyone by winning the "scissors - papers - rock" game

After their latest comeback with 'Love Yourself: Her', BTS again proved their super talents and gained so much success in and outside Korea. They have again, moved to a private complex inside Hannam Apartment Area - one of the most luxurious apartment complexes in Seoul.

According to some interviews, j-hope and Jimin are the only members who still share a room among 7 guys. The rest 5 members now have their own rooms. They even sometimes have to call each other on the phone just to find out that they are all at home.


After winning the reality show Produce 101 season 2, the boys of Wanna One moved to live together. After the first picture revealed the living space of 11 boys, the Kpop fans quickly recognized that this was the house where the girls os I.O.I lived last year.

Everything seems to stay the same, from bed to mattress. And maybe this is the intent of Mnet as the winning teams of Produce 101 will always be in the same building.

The boys having good times in the dorm


Despite being debuted for over a year, the YG girls are now one of the top concerns of Kpop fans. Perhaps that is why "Dad" Yang has let his girl living in one of the most expensive dormitory in Seoul.

It includes 4 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and one living room. When they lives here, the girls can watch the beautiful scenery of the city, especially in the evening when the lights are turned on everywhere.

Jennie taking photo at their apartment


The apartment is quite organized and clean


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