This is 2018’s best summer haircut as it is promoted by K-Pop stars V and G-Dragon!

KawaiiB, 12-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Wolf Cut increasingly become more and more prominent among Kpop male idols.


Wolf Cut first appeared in the Kpop industry through the promotion of BIGBANG’s leader - GD in 2015. We all know that GD changes his hairstyle quite often in a very “eccentric” fashion. '. At that time, GD was the first person to do this Wolf Cut hairstyle and despite being promoted by the trendsetter - G-Dragon, netizens still found it difficult to “adapt to” this strange hairstyle. Suddenly, this hairstyle "makes a comeback" this summer. Let's see which Kpop idols have “conquered” this hairstyle. And who do you think looks best with it?

Nam Joohyuk

In his new movie “Bride of Water God", actor Nam Joo Hyuk has created a fever with this wolf-like hairstyle with a variation on the bang. He has his bang slightly curved, giving him a posh look.


When it comes to this type of hair, Woozi brings out the youthfulness, mischievous but no fewer personalities


G-Dragon’s mullet in 2015

The fashion king - GD is the trendsetter for this rebellious and picky hairstyle


The GOT7 leader is extremely spruce with this hair in black


SEVENTEEN's The8 also drives fangirls crazy with this “seductive” mullet

SF9 Youngbin

Not only cutting hairstyle, Youngbin's dazzling blue color also makes him look outstanding

B.A.P Jongup

B.A.P’s “dancing machine” looks not only so romantic but also very wild with silver hair and a little bit of green at the tail 


Unexpectedly, VIXX leaders possess classic beauty, fanciful in this wolf-like hairstyle


The handsome Dean looks even more charming with this choice of hair

 NCT Taeil

Taeil looks kind of “softer” with this Wolf-cut

Block B Zico

Zico also transforms his blonde hair to this mullet with medium length.


Black and green mullet makes Mino look extremely masculine. It's no exaggeration to say that this hairstyle is born as if it means to be for Mino

EXO Baekhyun

SM singer flips his fashionable red hair to the back so it looks much softer. This combination is quite impressive.


V looks even more romantic when his bang is longer and slightly curly while the back of his hair is very natural


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