Think BTS are good at everything? Wrong, they are terrible at this one thing

Hoàng Anh Phương, 10-06-2018

Global superstars BTS recently showed their global dominance in the music market with their comeback single ‘Fake Love‘.

With flawless visuals, talent, and great personalities, they seem to have it all. Even if you tried to pin point a flaw in them, there’s not a single thing about them that is not likable. And there’s also not a single thing that they’re not good at. Or so it seems.

The K-Pop idols recently participated in the So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera on Radio Disney Music Awards. However, they were so bad at it that it almost seemed kind of pointless for them to even try. The challenge was for them to not laugh and be serious. The only problem was, none of the members except Suga was able to maintain their serious composure for long.

Source: Kpopmap

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