These simple airport outfits are quickly sought right after fans see their idols wearing them!

The Hien Luong, 15-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - The fashion style of the K-pop idols has become increasingly impressive, especially the airport fashion.

There is a special thing in the K-pop fan community that fans often like to see idols' photos at the airport, where the idols have the opportunity to show their own unique style of dressing. Although these clothes are just simple ones, they can completely create new trends in many countries around the world.

Sehun (EXO)

The maknae of EXO has a perfect body with admirable height as well as very good fashion sense, so every time he goes to the airport, he always looks like a model who is walking on the catwalk.

Long sleeve tops goes with dark jeans is a common safety outfit, but when they're worn with polished leather shoes, snapbacks and clutches, the outfit will bring a more modern feel.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi is also admired for her airport fashion. In the cold season, Seulgi likes to wear long jackets with jeans.

An oversized dress designed for 'boyfriend look' makes her become younger and brighter, but you need to subtly use the accessories and should tight your hair in a neat bun if you want to dress like her.

Mina (TWICE)

TWICE Mina prefers a more feminine style. She likes to wears the skirts that fit her body with the same color with the tops and then highlights her outfit with a purse or a bag.

Neutral colors such as brown and white will bring classic, elegant feelings but still make the wearer look young.

Jinyoung (GOT7)

Jinyoung prefers the comfortable items for long trips like t-shirts, polite elastic trousers with denim jackets that show his great taste in fashion.

Although the black and white outfits are extremely basic, they still work great in any case.


Not only is she seductive and sexy on the stage, Hyuna also gains attention because of her beautiful airport outfits which help her show the long and slim legs.

Hyuna favors basic black shorts that are easy to go with colorful tops and vairous styles such as hoodies and blazers.

 Taeyong (NCT)

Apart from the face like the character in the comic, fans are very impressed with this idol because of his fresh and dynamic airport fashion.

A denim shirt goes with a black hat, which can completely become an impressive and simple outfit in the wardrobe of many boys who want to catch up on fashion trends.

Jennie (Black Pink)

Printed t-shirt, choker, boots are one of Jennie's best suggestions for those who pursue the distinctive style.

She's also very good at highlighting the advantages of her body such as ant waist, long legs only with white T-shirt and military trousers.


Of course, we can't ignore V (BTS) with various and distinctive styles. Sometimes, he just needs a black outfit from head to toe to look fashionable at the airport.

Or sometimes, V becomes more prominent, attracting all attention thanks to the combination of denim with a clutch and light colored sunglasses. Accessories such as necklace and belt are used as the highlights of his outfit.

Source: Phuong Hoang/ Compilaton


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