These silly questions make Kpop fans so "upset"

Nguyễn Phương Hoa, 20-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) - If you ask these questions below, K-Pop fans certainly will not forgive you.

Everybody has different types of music. Someone just listen to their own music, others regularly listen to US-UK music. However, it seems that even though Korean music has been growing globally, there are always incorrect verdicts about K-pop fans. Everyone has different fondness and it needs to be respected. However, there are questions that K-Pop fans will "upset" when they hear it.

Is it a boy or girl?

The unisex beauty is no stranger to people who love fashion or music. Korean is typical of the unisex beauty prosperity. With the perfect beauty of both men and women, they inherited all the most gorgeous beauty of nature.

Ren - Nu'est is more beautiful than a girl. 

However, there are many people who do not recognize them as a girl or boy? This question makes K-pop fans feel a bit self-deprecating. With many different way of thinking, fans may understand that this is an ironic question about the gender of their idols.

"I don't want to be "beautiful" like this."

Why can you listen to this kind of music? You do not understand what they say.

Actually, there are many people listening to US-UK music or Chinese, Japanese, Thai music, ect. they also do not understand. And it needs to be translated.

In addition, why do we need to understand? What subtitles for?

Why can you like them? They all look like the same.

Everyone has their own beauty and style. Even people themselves do not like to be compared with anyone. Only fans can find out the beauty of their Korean idols.

There is a group of 13 members but  K-Pop fans still do not confuse even they are not fans of the group. Actually, K-pop fans are very observant.

It is so familiar, it must be probably plagiarize.

Plagiarism is always one of the most sensitive issues for those who are artists. Fans will feel very angry when their idols are "doubted".

Does he / she do the cosmetic surgery?

It has always been a particularly controversial issue in Korea because Korea is the "cradle" of the cosmetic surgery development. Today, cosmetic surgery is not discriminated anymore. However, referring to Korean idols, people will think of the natural beauty as Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Kyo.But if there is an idol just debuted, they will be taken a good look at their beauty.

It is an offensive action. To protect their idols, K-pop fans will "fight" to the end.

Why do you like them? They do not even know your existence!

If you have become an idol fan, you probably do not need your idol to know about your existence, especially fans in foreign countries. The affection between the fans and the idol is not love, not a friendship. This is a special love, fans just stand behind and support their idols. It is not necessary to know the existence of each other.

We just do not have the opportunity to meet, but nothing is impossible.

For K-Pop fans in particular and people in music in general, everyone has their own hobby. If you are "passerby" just listen to music, please respect the hobby of others. You should not ask questions if you do not understand all about their idols or their music.

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