These photos make you not only love idols but also their managers

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 11-02-2018
Managers don't only control activities and schedules for idols but they are also the ones to take care of idols.

Managers are very familiar with K-pop fans. Wherever idols appear, their manager is also beside them. Managers are always accompanied by idols on every schedule. They are responsible for arranging schedules, driving, caring and sometimes even bodyguards. They also face with busy schedules.

Managers are also often criticized for loud voices or accidents, etc. But everything is for idols and they always try their best to fulfill their responsibilities. Here are photos that make fans feel warm when managers always take care of idols.


Jessica's manager had made a "fever" for his polite action. When Jessica greets fans at stairs and walks up, her manager carefully takes umbrella in her back.

He always goes first to instruct for Jessica and keeps a safe distance with fans.

He takes his shirt to cover when Jessica wears a short skirt. This gentle action makes fans feel grateful.

If fans are afraid of Jessica's safety, don't be worry. Her manager makes barrier for her.

He always pays attention and reminds fans when they do something wrong.


IU's manager is also very famous because he is both handsome and careful. Because IU is so small, she will feel that she is very protected.

He always protects IU from crowd.

He also keeps an eye on every single act of fans.

When IU sits down, he quickly puts a towel over her legs.

He is always around to cover for IU.

If IU does not want to be photographed by paparazzi, she just needs to stand behind her manager.

In crowded places, he replaces bodyguards to protect her.

He looks so cool but he is really friendly and lovely. He is helping IU communicate to fans.

When IU can not walk down high stage, he is willing to lift her lightly.

With great maneger, fans always feel secure. So when fans come to see idols, they also do not forget to give love to managers.


Managing a large group has been difficult, but with playful girls like SNSD, it is even more difficult. They also often make fun of managers and their interaction is extremely adorable.

Hyoyeon is not only cheerful but also she tries to manipulate manager. Bitterness for the idol' "playful" actions is lovely threatens.

When manager is busy, Taeyeon still teases at him. Luckily, he is very gentle or so familiar with these games.

He is a victim of SNSD's jokes.

Even, he sacrifices to wear lion head.

But sometimes, he is also so joyful, he is also reminded by the youngest.

Anyway, manager still does not leave SNSD girls half of a step.

Jeon Somi

Somi also has a very careful manager. While working with I.O.I, he was always with her on all schedules.

Using umbrella and when coming closely to fans, he pulls umbrella to cover because Somi wears short skirts.


EXO's managers always protect their members. They always follows these guys.

Manager reminds D.O. no need to protect Baekhyun because this is his duty.

When stylist is not around, he will replace that position. He fixes Baekhyun's hair.

Manager also takes a charge of reminding members to stop "active actions".

He is also very close to the members.


BTS members are often encountered with close actions with their manager. He goes first but do not forget to look back to see if members are safe or not.

With a big manager, Jimin looks like a little boy when he walks beside his manager.

Manager also holds heavy stuffs, members just go comfortably.

V is the closest one to manager. They also hold hands, laugh and joke with each other like brothers.

BTS has many managers but all managers always try to care for members.

f (x)

Manager of f (x) is very careful when he ties Krystal's shoelace....

... sometimes he also follows Amber's jokes.


 Manager also does aegyo with Leo.


Nayeon's manager, while Nayeon livestreams, she has taken advantage to do "heart shooting".

Although sometimes managers are loud and hard with fans, perhaps because they want to protect idols. Idols can get hurt with uncontrollable actions of fans so managers have to be quite strict. Thanks to manager, fans are more comfortable. Manager is not always strict but they are also very lovely and always interested in idols. Do you know any cute managers?



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