These photos can cause huge misunderstanding for fans about SM artists, be careful with what you see!

NA, 11-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - SM Entertainment’s artists are taking their performances to a higher level with these illusional photos.

Sometimes, things are not always as they appear. Especially the angle. Here are photos of Kpop idols from different angles that make you rub your eyes many times not to be deceived. After taking double look, you realize that it’s just an optical illusion.

1. “Dancing machine” Hyoyeon knows how to throw an uppercut

Is this uppercut a KO? Seohyun looks quite painful due to Hyoyeon’s hook. However, they’re just dancing and the angle changes the truth

2. Kai, why do you grip Sehun’s hair like that?

Don’t worry. We can sigh in relief since this picture’s problem is just the angle. Sehun is still safe and Kai has no intention of grapping Sehun’s hair

3. Ajumma Minho!

Any kind of hair style is not a big issue if your look is as handsome as Minho’s

4. What is Baekhyun’s finger doing?

It seems like Baekhyun is picking D.O.’s nose with an evil face

5. The man who has the longest arms in the world

Catch me’s choreography is unique and it looks like Changmin’s arms are 6 metres

6Just tell me this is not skinship!

This is not, they’re not kissing. Your optical illusion is caused of the angle

7Taeyeon, be careful! Monster Sooyoung is coming

Sooyoung on the screen laughing so extra and Taeyeon is squealing with fear. Sooyoung is scaring Taeyeon or this is just a funny angle?

8. Hyoyeon is Elastigirl is real life

A six-metre-arm Changmin can’t beat Elastigirl Hyeoyeon

9. What’s wrong with Taeyeon’s legs?

Take a double look, those are the other members’ legs


Magic can turn Chanyeol into D.O. in the blink of an eye

11.Bonus: don’t be dirty minded. It’s just a weird angle



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