These male idols would definitely want to forget their past hairstyles which make everybody unable to hold their laughs

SGshinbu, 16-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - These hair styles might make idols look funny no matter what their appearances and expression are. Thanks to Kpop for discovering the hiding beauty obscured by these hair styles.

If you wonder what makes idols most obsess with, it is the natural curly hair. When some idols have to get the curly hair, these idols only wish to take it off immediately. They always have trouble with their hair, especially the male idols.

Kikwang (Highlight)

The members of Highlight said that Kikwang's hair was curly since they have met him during the trainee period. Even stylists didn't know what hair style would fit him. So in the eyes of the members, Kikwang like a bowl of jajangmyeon

With curly hair Kikwang is still cute

He doesn't have to make his hair curly like other idols. The only thing that he needs to do is to make his hair straight

It'll keep curly like this if not styled, but fans prefer this real image of Kikwang.

Wonpil (Day6)

He used to obsess about his curly hair

So at the first time he cut his hair, he decided to shave  it

But now the visual level of Wonpil is top-notch. If you still don't know who he is, immediately find him, you'll fall hard

Lay (EXO)

Lay's lightly curly hair has followed him since he was young, but he still looked cool

He still looks cute and familiar

He's very handsome so the curly hair isn't the matter

Ken (VIXX)

The pre-debut photo of Ken

The curly hair made his head unusually large, sometimes he could cheat the height

But with the power of Kpop, nothing is impossible

His visuals now are phenomenal. Forget about his past curly hair!

 Junho (2PM)

Fans have seen his curly hair since his trainee days

He couldn't hide his hair even on the TV show. Even though it's a memory photo, Junho doesn't allow himself to see it

But he becomes more handsome gradually

The curly hair is also carefully styled

L (Infinite)

L is famous for his spiky and curly hair when his childhood photos are released

God has given L the curly hair to cover up the handsome part but he didn't know that today there is a technology of hair straightening

The lightly curly hair is still good

I don't know how long hair stylists will take to transform this guy into like this

Source: Hanh Nguyen/ Compilation

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