These male idols' cold faces scare the hell out of fans, lovely guys V and D.O. are surprisingly included in this list!

KawaiiB, 03-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Even though they are famous for being laughable and friendly, once they do "cold face" no one dares to come nearby.

Male idols usually try to show off their friendliness and masculine body to attract fans. However, many fans admit that they feel their idol's face when they are not smiling is a bit scary.


JB is a sweet guy, sometimes even 4D. But he often left a "scary" impression for those who first met him.

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Maybe because he is not usually laughing and sometimes are a little bit too serious, JB sometimes look like that he's angry at something, which is contrary to his open and lovable personality,

Zico (Block B)

Zico, a rapper who possesses sharp eyes, often makes people feel "uneasy".

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Sometimes cool sometimes cute, is Zico’s attraction?

Leo (VIXX)

The boy who owns a beautiful face like a statue often makes fans panic when he keeps his face down.

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Although he looks quite cold, he also looks extremely sexy, he should take a villain role in blockbuster movies, right?


                                 Of course, we cannot miss D.O. out. His gaze sometimes freaks EXO-L out.


Many fans admit that this photo of V is "creepy". Not because he was glaring at anyone, he was just trying to see something up high.


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