These lucky fans might have saved this whole world in the past life, they even received replies from idols!

Vũ Thảo Phương, 17-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Talking to your idols is no longer a dream anymore!

As Kpop fans, is there anyone who does not want to directly express the love to idol at least once? You post comments on Facebook or sending messages on their Twitter regularly ... but it's hard for idols to know that feeling when we're just one of hundreds or million fans around the world. However, don't be discouraged to think that it is an illusory dream, because there are really exceptions. Sometimes idols leave the warm messages or even extremely sweet handwritten letters to reply their fans like this: 

 T.O.P (Big Bang)

As one of the most active idols on social networks, T.O.P has repeatedly makes fans "laugh out loud" for the joking with his fans. But this guy is a kind and warm-hearted with his sweet words. 

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A fan gave T.O.P a private message and shared sad mood, lost faith and anxiety in life. And not surprising that T.O.P not only read it but also responded with the following touched words: "Keep your precious dreams, and be strong, follow that dream. Thank you for sharing with me your worries. I do not know what to say, but after going through and finding your own way then come back and let me know, I believe you will do fine because you are my fan. And I will become your fan too."


Always appearing with the "big sister" image and powerful spirit on the stage, but not many knows that CL is actually very close and especially takes a good care of her fans. 

There is a fanboy in Thailand who texted CL through Instagram to express his feelings and just eight minutes later, CL responded to this boy briefly and warmly:

"Everything will be alright"

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

As one of the most famous stars in the Korean entertainment and a busy artist, no one can imagine that the Big Bang 's leader can take time to see messages from fans and not even forget to answer with lovely icon melting fan's heart like this.

A fangirl has persistently sent a message to G-Dragon day by day with questions like, "Jiyong oppa, have you arrived?" Today in Hong Kong is a bit hot. "Please take this two days to rest"; "Oppa are you still feeling unwell? I'm so worried .. See you at MaMa". And finally, the lucky god also smiles at the fan as G-Dragon responds:

"I am fine, ok see you mama"

Chanyeol (EXO)

Chanyeol regularly checks his personal IG accounts and responds to fan's comments. This is no longer unfamiliar to EXO-Ls, but every time a fan has chance to talk to this guy, his fan community again goes crazy.

A fangirl sends a directly message to Chanyeol on IG in English and surprisingly Chanyeol reads and says:

"I love you too! Let's meet someday!"


Not a reply via IG or a comment on Twitter, but the letter of a 9-year-old fanboy has really been noticed and responded. In the letter, Jihoo expresses that thanks to V hyung and BTS, he becomes more acquainted with his friends and goes through the hard time of isolation at school.

The letter was quickly circulated in the ARMY community, but no one expects V to actually read it, he is not even hesitating to post a very cute reply on Twitter: 

"Hi Jihoo, I'm V, thank you for loving BTS, it's lovely for you to listen to our music, see" Run BTS "and dance to our music. Now I will become your friend. Let's be healthy, happy, grow up well and we'll meet one day. My hands are hurt too, so I'll write longer next time. Goodbye. Kim Tae Hyung."


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