These low-resolution photos will wow fans with Jungkook (BTS)'s real beauty

Thanhng, 13-02-2018
Named as the most handsome maknae in Kpop, but does he look good in real life?

Kpop idols are always perfect in MVs, variety shows or through master-nims' photos. If you want to know that idol looks good or not in real life, you have to take a look at unedited photos, taken by mobile phones. 

Luckily, BTS's "Golden maknae" Jungkook passed this difficult challenge, proving his perfect appearance as well as his singing and dancing skills. 

 Perfect figures melt many fans' hearts. 

 At a close distance like this, Jungkook still looks perfect. 

High nose, pretty bunny teeth, he can be handsome from any angles

So now all of you know Jungkook's appearance in real life right?

 Who said he has short legs and long back?

You have to think again after seeing this photo

When he felt asleep, he still looked like a perfect character from a drama

A photo cut from an interview clip. He just stand still but looked like a model

A quick snapshot couldn't make him look bad

He looked a bit "lost" but still fine

 Now all of you know about Jungkook's real beauty. Even if you are BTS's non-fan, you still have to admit the title of "Golden maknae" for Jungkook. 

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